Electric Guitars under Rs.10000/- in India

Here are some guitars under Rs.10,000/- in India.

One very good start could be with Fender’s Squier Series….they are cheap and built based on the Fender infamous Stratocaster look and feel..
 Fender Electric Guitar Squire Bullet Strat
-Rs.7500 – Rs.8500 (approx)
Fender Electric Guitar Squire California Series Strat
-Rs.8500 – Rs.9500 (approx)

Check out other Fender Guitars here:

Cort CR 50 – Rs.8000/-
Cort M200 – Rs.10,000/-
Cort X-1 – Rs.8858/-
Cort X-2 – Rs.9857/-
Cort CR100 -Rs.10,500/-

Electric Guitar – Yamaha ERG 121U
Yamaha Electric Guitar Pacifica 012 -Rs.9,995/-
Pluto Electric Guitar – ST 1 -Rs.5,500/-
Pluto Electric Guitar – ST 2 -Rs.5,700/-

If you would like to settle for an Indian brand, You can also try out Givson. Givson guitars are manufactured in Kolkatta.
 Givson Electric Guitar – Blue Diamond – Rs.3,900/-
 Givson Electric Guitar – Blue Bird  -Rs.4,100/-
 Givson Electric Guitar – Super Deluxe-Rs.3,600/-

Some India websites where to check out instruments –
http://www.saptaswara.in – huge collection of guitar info and price in Indian Rupees

Electric Guitars in India | Electric Guitars under Rs.10000/- in India


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